while I was waiting for my Mighty Avengers downloads to finish I started Cable & Deadpool (2004) and have I mentioned lately how much I love wade? because I really do.



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"It’s the music. That’s it, just music. Simple"


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I live for this woman!

I left you a transparent one, If you like that sort of thing.


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Quick bit of meta-y thought regarding In The Flesh


TW for sexual assault before I start, mind.

Rewatching several of Gary Kendal’s scenes in the show, it hits me that In The Flesh has managed to pull off showing a character who is sexually threatening to those they have power over without putting any rape threats or scenes of sexual assault on screen.


I don’t think it’s coincidence that the scene where Gary forces Amy to apply makeup and the scene where he catches Kieren trying to escape and ties him up both take place in bedrooms. Gary enjoys his power over PDS sufferers - quite happy to assault Kieren by smearing the makeup that helps him fit in while they’re both in a public place (hell, at Kieren’s workplace, and this “outing” in public has all sorts of nasty little -phobic connotations) - and most blatantly in the sequence with Freddie.

"You’d be amazed what I can do to your sort. And what you can do sod all about."

The entirety of the lead-up to Gary forcing Kieren to go rabid is filmed as an assault, from Kieren being pinned to a bed and forcefully tied up, to being thrown in the back of a truck while gagged, to being force-fed mind-altering drugs (with his clothing dragged out of place to allow it). All of it has connotations that I believe the script is aware of.

Kieren does his best to fend Gary off. Not allowing him to get to the back of his neck, but Gary’s too strong.

This is why to me, in ways, Gary is the scariest villain on the show. He can actually be pleasant to the people he considers his friends or his peers - he isn’t constantly abrasive, and he isn’t on a religious crusade - but when he is in a situation that allows him power over others, he abuses it. It’s creepy and frightening and all too real.

And this is why Jem’s decision to support Kieren at the end, and the particular words she uses to do it, are so very, very important.

"We broke up. I broke up with him. If it’s his word against yours. I choose yours."

His word against yours. It’s a phrase we’ve heard in one form or another all too often.

And Jem sides with the victim.

If I knew nothing else about this show, I’d love her just for that. But I do know something else about the show, and as such, not only do I love her, but I love the show for managing to touch on such a horrendous subject in a way that never, ever blames the victim.



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